Brevent To Flegere

I know, I know, there's a cable car that links the two. But if you're reading PisteHors you'd rather do it yourself off-piste, wouldn't you?

Access is from the top of the Col Cornu chairlift (2300m). Climb up (15min) and slightly right (NW) onto the ridge. Then follow the ridge NW and N (10 min) until you reach the entry (2450m) into the Combe de la Gliere, a great big, virgin unskied bowl. At the bottom (1700m) stay to the left slightly to reach the Evettes chair. Snow conditions are usually very varied in the Combe depending on whether you ski the north or south-facing sides or the bottom.

Be cautious on the ridge with lots of steep snow above you (avalanche risk). Also, be careful with exposure to the slope to your left (W) in hard-packed conditions: it's relatively steep and a 400m descent into no-mans land.