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Of all the ski manufacturer's Zag seem to polarize opinions. The skis have a very pronounced and unique shape. Stephane Radiguet, their designer comes from and still works in the world of snowboard design. We tested a 191cm ski. It certainly looked an impressive piece of kit and it was with some trepidation we headed off down the piste. To our great surprise the ski was easy to turn and could easily be carved on the groomers, that said it was not entirely at ease on corduroy slopes especially when pushed due to its massive front end, the spatula is 140mm. It really came into its own in crud, stable and turning with ease. The ski is best ridden with weight even distributed underfoot or even slightly back in powder when cut wide turns. The ski gripped well enough ice on fairly debonair slopes but would probably reach its limit on steeper pitches due to the extreme shape. All in all the biggest surprise of our test.

Lengths: 171-181-191-201cm

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