Rossignol Bandit B94

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Aimed principally at freeriders. It has sidewalls inclined at 20 degrees and an aluminium insert in the shovel (Dualtec + Sharknoze). The B94 replaces the B4 and has a small redesign. The ski is stable at high speed off piste when carving large curves. It’s surface means that it stays on top of powder snow and is comfortable in heavier conditions. It is harder work on prepared ski runs, neither a good carver nor in skidded turns. The B83 is more at home in this environment. Good skiers will have no trouble blasting through crud.

  • Manufacturer Rossignol
  • Lengths: 160, 168, 176, 184 cm
  • Weight:
  • 700 euro


  • A real freeride ski at ease in powder and on the steeps providing the rider is of a high standard – Ski Labo
  • More a cruiser than an ass-hauler. Oversteers in wide curves – Skieur mag
  • Great in powder, you have to drive it on piste, a good freerider but without concessions – Ski Magazine

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