Dynafit FR10

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Conventional wisdom says that a light ski doesn't have the stiffness to work well at speed, on steep slopes or on hard snow but if initial feedback about the FR10.0 proves true Dynafit may have found the magic formula. The ski is mid-fat, in 178cm it measures 117/88/109mm. Amazingly that is about the same as the 2006 Rossignol B3. The ski benefits from some exotic materials, high-end carbon fiber layering to dampen chatter at speed and to enable it to cope with varied conditions off-piste.

Opinions about Dynafit Skis have been mixed in the past and the FR10.0 looks set to continue that tradition. The American Backcountry Magazine raved about the ski whereas the French Montagnes said it was expensive, heavy and below average in deep snow, surprising for such a wide ski.

  • Lengths 169-178-187cm
  • Weight 2780g in 178cm pair
  • Manufacturer Dynafit

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