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Extreme skier and high mountain guide Jean-Marc Boivin (JBM) died on the 17th of February 1990 aged 39 in a paragliding accident in Venezuela. The accident happened while jumping from the highest waterfall in the world the 979 meter “Salto del Angel” while filming for a French TV documentary. JBM was known worldwide as the man who had parapented from the summit of Everest on the 26th of September 1986 in a flight lasting 12 minutes.

An ice climbing specialist JBM had also opened an amazing 200 routes. In March1986 he linked the four principal north faces on Mont-Blanc, l'Aiguille Verte, the Courtes, the Droites and the Grandes Jorasses in 20 hours using his talents as extreme skier, climber, parachutist and hang gliding. After spending the night in the top station of the téléphérique of the Aiguille du Midi he skied to the foot of the 4122 meter Aiguille Verte at 4.30am. He climbed this route in two hours via the goulotte Grassi (a first). He took off on a paraglider and flew to the base of the 4000 meter Droites, climbing the north face of the couloir Davaille in three and a half hours. He then flew using a hang-glider to the Courtes which he climbed in two and a half hours by the Swiss route. He flew again to the Grandes Jorasses arriving at 4pm and arrived at the Linceul 8 hours later. Half an hour later he was drinking une serieuse in the bar at Chamonix.


  • L'abominable homme des glaces, éditions flammarion
  • Trois défis au Cervin, éditions Glénat
  • L'aventure jusqu'au bout, jean-marc Porte et Françoise Boivin.


Descente - Jean-Marc Boivin's legendary linking (by helicopter) of three first ski descents completed on a single day ( 17/04/1987)

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