Posted on: 15 March 2013 by davidof

Avalanche Fatality on the Pic du Midi

A 47 year old skier has been killed by an avalanche on the south side of the Pic du Midi above la Mongie in the Pyrenees. The skier, a high mountain guide, was assistant director of the Pic du Midi. An observator is perched on the 2877 meter summit.

2877 meter Pic du Midi

The avalanche occurred at 2300 meters altitude in the Roche Noire sector. The alert was given by colleagues who were concerned that he had not returned. The victim was found half buried in avalanche debris but he had probably been killed by head injuries sustained during the fall. He was wearing an airbag which had been activated but had been taken 400 meters over 3 cliff bands. Like the Alps the area has been buffeted by strong northerly winds over the last couple of days which have formed numerous windslab. This is the third guide to have been involved in fatal avalanche incidents in France over the last fortnight.


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