Posted on: 2019-11-04 09:18:21 by davidof

French Avalanche Bulletins are Back

It is a sign of winter. The French avalanche bulletin service has restarted from the 30th October 2019. Météo-France will publish daily reduced bulletins (INA - Informations Neige et Avalanches) for the Alps, Pyrénées and Corsica. The risk level and pictograms will not given due to a lack of detailed snow-pack information from the ski resorts except where the forecaster has enough data to do so. The full avalanche bulletin (BRA) will start on the 15th December 2019. You can find links to various avalanche forecasting services on the home page.

Currently there has been considerable snowfall in the French/Italian border areas and in particular in the Ecrins range. This has been accompanied by strong winds from the West and South-West. Backcountry travellers can expect slabs, particularly on cold, north facing slopes in the lee of the wind from 2500/3000 meters depending on the mountain range.