Roller Skiing: Afternoon Rollerski Tour - 226 m. (742 ft)

Thu, 10 October 2019


Minimum altitude: 209 meters

Distance: 20.4 km

Slope Aspect: Various

Vertical Climbed: 67 meters (220 feet)

Vertical Descended: 67 meters


I was pretty tired Thursday with a bad hip so decided not to go out cycling (it was cold and foggy in the valley in the morning) but wait until the afternoon when it was warmer to do a tour. Ok with a gammy hip rollerskiing may not be the most logical idea but I sometimes find exercise helps. Slower going than when I did the same tour in August. I took it easy at the start but upped the pace on the way back so was surprised not to have gone faster. It is about a month since I skated last and put it down to being out of practice. Arms very tired afterwards.


Isere cycle path clear. Lots of small stones still on the section from Domene back to the bridge. Wet leaves, a bit skiddy, in the shade below trees. +19C in the afternoon. No wind.


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