Posted on: 2019-10-08 07:55:43 by davidof

Skiogrande lift pass for the Maurienne

Fancy a ski safari in the Maurienne this season. Then the skiogrande (rio grande - geddit?) pass might be for you. It lets you ski in 17 ski areas. Ok the card costs 7 euros and there is a 7 euro annual charge (so that’s 14 euros up front) but you get -20% off each day skied and -50% on a Saturday with the restriction that you can only get 3 reductions in any rolling 7 day period. There is also a fidelity programme where you get free days.

It is possible to get some of these reductions directly with resorts but if you are based in the Maurienne and want to ski lots of different areas this could be worth a look.