Nordic Skiing: Frosty morning at le Sappey - 1,420 m. (4,659 ft)

Sun, 3 January 2021


Minimum altitude: 968 meters

Distance: 20.9 km

Slope Aspect: South-West

Vertical Climbed: 686 meters (2,251 feet)

Vertical Descended: 679 meters


Despite my fractured rib (from a car park fall onto a ski) I decided to do a long one with a climb to Emeindras. Around 400 meters over 6km for an average of 6%. I was pretty pleased with the climb covering the distance in 50m21, an improvement of around 20 minutes on my previous best - largely down to much better technique. There were a lot of skiers out, some from the clubs but others because the ski lifts are closed due to the Covid crisis. This mean some care on the descent. I finished by taking the Plantibert and St Eynard trails, although St Eynard seemed to have been shortened someone. All in all the best conditions for some years at le Sappey.


Relatively cold, some light snow. Stones on the St Eynard track, had to remove skis. Sire mouton also had some stones in the middle of the track but easy to avoid


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