Nordic Skiing: Autrans - Meaudre Nordic Ski Area - 1,632 m. (5,355 ft)

Fri, 12 January 2018


Minimum altitude: 975 meters

Distance: 180 km

Slope Aspect: Various

Vertical Climbed: 655 meters (2,149 feet)


Autrans-Méaudre is the Isere region's premier ski area  boast 180km of prepared cross country ski runs that run through a mix of high altitude plateau and wooded hillsides culminating in a high altitude ridge.

The plateau de Gève, although only at 1280 meters altitude, has a very cold climate which either gives early natural snow cover or allows the 18 snow canon to open 5km of skiing from November.

The climbs to the high plateau are prepared for both up and down lanes for classic style. The Molière ridge (12km from Autrans) offers a superb panorama over the French Alps. There are busses to access both the Narces (Méaudre) and Gève (Autrans) high altitude domains for those who don't want to tackle the more, or less, difficult climbs.

A chair lift at Autrans (la Quoi) gives access to the Molière and at Méaudre the Gonçon chair accesses the route des feuilles.!/telechargement/plan-de-ski-de-fond-autrans-meaudre


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