Roller Skiing: Alpino classic rollerski - 785 m. (2,576 ft)

Sun, 25 August 2019


Minimum altitude: 196 meters

Distance: 15.7 km

Slope Aspect: North-East

Trip Reports

Vertical Climbed: 635 meters (2,083 feet)

Vertical Descended: 626 meters


The climb to the cable car at Alpino seemed feasible. I'd ridden this way a few times and had noted the rough road on Via Arcioni in Gignese but everything else seemed ok. So I set off at 8am with the aim of making the 9.50am cable car. It seemed enough time, it took 55 minutes to Levo but there was another 6km of road and 200 meters of climbing, some of it on pretty rough surfaces. I finally made the cable car around 9h45, just a few minutes to spare. They didn't seem that surprised to see someone on rollerski, I chatted about Dorothea Wierer with the cable car operator, he didn't know about her and how she was currently one of the best biathletes in the world

The climb is interesting. A bit of a challenge and it would be nice to stop at Levo where there is a bar and a water fountain. There is a short downhill after Levo and at the start of the road to the Alpine Garden. Neither is steep but the Alpine garden road surface is not the best on this section. The road is never too steep.


Road is generally good to Levo. The first two hairpins on the Via Arcioni after the golf course are pretty rough, you've got to search for skiable tarmac. It might be better continuing to the fork in Gignese but the road is busy.


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