Roller Skiing: Lungo il lago - 237 m. (778 ft)

Sun, 11 August 2019


Minimum altitude: 225 meters

Distance: 12.6 km

Slope Aspect: Various

Vertical Climbed: 61 meters (200 feet)

Vertical Descended: 67 meters


Usual lake roll before a swim. Not too busy for a Sunday but some walkers in the Tresserve car park were not pleased to see a roller skier. They were walking in the road not looking where they were going line abreast not leaving any room for me, or cars, but seemed to believe that I shouldn't have been there. After calming things a bit they carried on meandering. Managed another PB on the north section, 12m32 to do the whole lake including the Poet's hill but I wonder if less haste equals more speed as I was almost as quick on the return leg.


Path had some debris from the storm on Saturday on the low lying sections


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