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Dutch tourist killed by Val Morel avalanche

A Dutch tourist has become the first French avalanche victim this season following an off-piste accident in Val Morel in the Savoie. The slide occurred in the early afternoon near the Madeleine blue run at around 2000 meters altitude. The alert was given by the victim's 22 year old son who was partially buried.

Posted by davidof on the 14 Jan 2019

French snow conditions, 10th January 2019

Inspite of the recent snowfall (around 10-30cm of windblown fresh snow in the Northern French Alps, Vosges and Jura) snow-depths remain  below average. The fresh snow and wind will lead to a considerable risk of skier triggered avalanches in some sectors.

Posted by davidof on the 10 Jan 2019

French ski tourer killed by Col Pillonet avalanche

With a return to winter, fresh snow and high winds, at least at altitude, a French skier tourer was killed below the Col Pillonet in Valtournenche and an off-piste skier had a lucky escape at the ski resort of Val Thorens. Both incidents occurred on Saturday.

Posted by davidof on the 09 Dec 2018

Series of avalanches in the French Alps

This weekend saw the season start with the opening of Val Thorens and Val d'Isere and also the first avalanche incidents of the season as up to 50cm of fresh snow fell at altitude in the Western and Southern French Alps accompanied by high winds from the south. Meteo France warned of weak layers in the existing snow-pack an an "substantial" avalanche risk.

Posted by davidof on the 25 Nov 2018

Biathlon: Shooting with stars

Biathlon, an exciting mix of target shooting and cross country skiing, is the Number One winter sport in Europe and its popularity is increasing. The European Broadcast Union says that viewing figures for Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and France are up 50% since 2013. The French l’Equipe TV get their highest ratings for biathlon with up to 1.5 million watching events in the 2018 season. Scottish biathlete and Eurosport commentator Mike Dixon says that between 100,000 and 300,000 Brits tune in to their coverage.

Posted by davidof on the 11 Sep 2018

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Trip Reports

Beldina Powder Session

Route: Tour du Pre de l'Arc x 1, Myrtilles x 3

Posted by davidof on the 01/10/2019

Skating to the Crêt Luisard

I knew there was a lack of snow. All the lower runs are shut. The skating was pretty good. A lot of people on foot, some stomping on the ski runs, doh! Not too many other skiers. Great views of the Alps although the black run with the best views was closed and icy looking.

Posted by davidof on the 12/30/2018

Fantom Village

It had rained heavily to 2000m plus the day before and some sections of piste showed the effects but generally the snow was soft and very skiable. We took a few runs through the fantom village. Not bad in the middle section, indeed snow conditions are some of the best we've seen but lacking in the woods below 1070 meters.

Posted by davidof on the 12/31/2017

Couloir Virgule before Carmen

The weather service announced a window from 10 to 2 pm, just before the arrival of storm Carmen. It had snowed overnight but only about 15cm. With the heavy rain at the weekend the snow depths have reduced from 70 to 30cm at 1000m but still enough to tour as it is relatively dense but somewhat discontinuous in the Chartreuse forests. The ski lift at the Col de Marcieu was not running due to a technical fault so the ski runs had not been pisted, some of the best skiing of the tour. The trail was made to the summit. I was a bit slow today, 1h10 for the 800 meter climb. In the cirque of the alpe du Seuil a slab had descended the day before yesterday and there was a purge in the middle of the bowl covering the tracks - so probably around midday. The couloir already had 1 track, the snow was a bit dense to ski easily but not enough to cover the icy base and the "staircases" left by previous skiers. The side slopes and forest offered some good skiing - although neither I nor the skier in front had attempted to go too far onto these avalanche prone areas.

Posted by davidof on the 01/01/2018


Up at Chamrousse for skate training so lots of loops around the stadium area plus a final tour of the plateau. Cold snow was not easy to ski at the end.

Posted by davidof on the 12/23/2017