Lone skied killed by avalanche at Chamrousse

Five ski tourers have discovered the body of a lone skier under the brèche Robert sud not far from the ski pistes of Chamrousse around 10h00 today. The location is on the usual climbing route from the Casserouse car park to the Grand Van and Sorbier summits.

Posted by davidof on the 18 January 2018

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Couloir Virgule before Carmen

The weather service announced a window from 10 to 2 pm, just before the arrival of storm Carmen. It had snowed overnight but only about 15cm. With the heavy rain at the weekend the snow depths have reduced from 70 to 30cm at 1000m but still enough to tour as it is relatively dense but somewhat discontinuous in the Chartreuse forests.

Posted by davidof on the 2018-01-01

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Scia NW Couloir

Follow the trail to the habert d'Aiguebelle (refuge, renovated in 2008 but closed). Take the path that climbs on the left bank of the valley and after 150 meters turn to the south-east to climb through a glade (pt 1500m - ravin de Muret).

Posted by davidof on the 20 March 2017

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