Mountain Biking: Manival single with Croix Trousset - 612 m. (2,008 ft)

Mon, 16 August 2021


Minimum altitude: 264 meters

Distance: 9.8 km

Slope Aspect: North-East

Vertical Climbed: 386 meters (1,266 feet)

Vertical Descended: 387 meters

Rating: 2


We'd not been up on the coteaux for a while, since the start of June probably. So a return to our favourite singles. It felt tiring but we climb the Manival trail in record time, Tot 1 minute ahead. My fork needed air so I took it easy on the descent as it rattled around like a set of loose dentures. All nice and dry despite the recent rain but quite a few walkers here and there.


Dry. Chilly west wind.


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