Posted on: 2019-02-09 16:02:43 by davidof

65 year old ski tourer badly injured by Ubaye avalanche

A 65 year old skier tourer has been badly injured in the Southern Alps after triggering an avalanche at around 2000 meters altitude under the CrĂȘte de la Pierre EclatĂ©e (2713m) in the department of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. The victim was able to stay on the surface of the slide but suffered a hip and other injuries when he hit a rock. He was taken to hospital in Gap by the mountain rescue services (PGHM Jausieres). He was touring with a group of 6 friend when the accident occurred around 14h00.

The avalanche risk was 3 (Considerable) above 2000 meters in the sector. Lower slopes had stabilized due to fine weather during the week. Around 60 to 80 cm of new snow had fallen over the previous 48 hours accompanied by strong winds from various directions. The principal danger was on NW through SE slopes and in high woodland. Skier triggered slabs of 50 cm depth were possible.