Nordic Skiing: Col de Marcieu before the storm - 1,290 m. (4,232 ft)

Sun, 10 February 2019


Minimum altitude: 1,100 meters

Distance: 14.5 km

Slope Aspect: East

Vertical Climbed: 375 meters (1,230 feet)


The missus said a storm was blowing in at 13h00. Just time to go up to the Col de Marcieu and ski the Chemin de Herse over to St Hilaire. Well not quite, I was caught by the strong winds coming around the various "capi" but fortunately this was on the return so could race back to the car. Hit 40km/h on the descent but the snow was fairly soft and sure.


Warm, above freezing air temperatures. Snow was pretty good to ski, a bit sticky on the return. Lots of debris on the trails due to the storm force winds.

The piste is not traced for classic but the resort plateau pistes are and it is the first time they've been open for 4 years!


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