Posted on: 2019-02-02 21:07:55 by davidof

Fatal avalanche in Val Cenis

An off piste skier has been killed and two others injured in an incident at the ski resort of Val Cenis at around 14h30. According to a statement released by the Prefecture a total of 10 skiers were caught by the avalanche which occurred at around 2300 meters on north facing slopes in the Sources/Montfroid sector, to the east of the Source chair, between the ski areas of Lanslebourg et Termignon.

A large rescue operation was organized, initially with pisteurs from Val Cenis but they were joined by the mountain rescue and medical teams. The avalanche risk was 3 (Considerable) at the time, evolving from 4 (High) earlier in the day. The avalanche broke over a wide area, about 500 x 300 meters.  There were 2 separate groups on the slope at the time, a group of 6 experienced local skiers and another of 4 led by a Mountain Guide who was one of the two injured. The avalanche bulletin warned of skier triggered slabs, particuarly on shaded slopes from West through North to East above 1500-1700 meters in the lee of prevailing winds from the South-West and West.