Road Cycling: Col du Rousset South, Belledonne, French Alps - 949 m. (3,114 ft)

Mon, 21 June 2021


Minimum altitude: 279 meters

Distance: 39.5 km

Slope Aspect: West

Trip Reports

Vertical Climbed: 879 meters (2,884 feet)

Vertical Descended: 888 meters

Rating: 3


The Col du Rousset is just of the Freydieres climb but the lack of surface on the north side means it is rarely visited by bike. Just two other riders on Strava, both on MTBs. The climb took me 49m11 from Domene. 637 meters of vertical for a VAM of 777m/h.


Very hot but the climb to Revel has a lot of shade on it. In the sun afterwards though on a South West facing slope. The backroads after Revel are a bit rough, there has been some chip 'n' seal going on. After the col du Rousset the road is gravel and steep. Ok on a road bike if you take it easy. The surfaced road restarts at 880 meters. Strange that there is just this little bit that is not surfaced... why surface the other bits of road and leave a small gap?


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