Posted on: 2018-01-18 23:44:13 by davidof

Lone skied killed by avalanche at Chamrousse

Five ski tourers have discovered the body of a lone skier under the brèche Robert sud not far from the ski pistes of Chamrousse around 10h00 today. The location is on the usual climbing route from the Casserouse car park to the Grand Van and Sorbier summits.

The ski tourers spotted a ski on the surface of an avalanche which may have been triggered by the skier on Tuesday or Wednesday. Weather conditions on those days were poor with snow and strong winds. The brèche is a steep sided col just under the lacs Robert. After searching the debris the group found the frozen remains of the skier. The mountain rescue identified him as a 51 year old Grenoble resident. No one has been reported missing to the police, it appears he left on a ski tour without telling anyone of his plans.