Posted on: 2018-01-11 10:12:53 by davidof

Warning Valley Blanche Chamonix

Following the passage of storm Eleanor, the high winds, more than 220 km/h and frost, have caused significant damage to one of the portions of the cable carrying the Panoramic Mont-Blanc cable car. Skiers and mountaineers crossing the Valley Blanche should be particularly cautious around and under the Panoramic Mont Blanc cable car line. Sections of cable may be present on the glacier, possibly hidden by fresh snow.

The Compagnie du Mont Blanc teams have done their best to secure and evacuate the debris, but given the winter conditions operations will take time. It is therefore important to be very vigilant in the upper part of the Valley Blanche in the area known as the classic Vallée Blanche, in the route said variant of the Gros Rognon and more generally in the area between the Gros Rognon the col des Flambeaux and the pointe Helbronner.

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