Posted on: 2017-10-30 14:40:48 by davidof

Hot and dry start to winter

Hot and dry, that’s how Meteo France sees the start to this winter in the southern half of Europe. So pretty much the same scenario as the last two years. A weak La Niña in the Pacific is apparently to blame, bringing warm, wet weather to the northern Europe and warm, dry weather further south such as the Pyrenees and Alps.

La Niña will cool the Pacific along the American coast. Canada and the North-West United States could see a cold winter whereas northern europe will see frequent storm systems but the Alps and eastern Pyrenees will be protected by an anti-cyclonic conditions. The South-east of France, as with much of Southern Europe, is already suffering from a drought lasting 18 months. This, along with temperatures, may have an impact on man-made snow production.