Posted on: 2015-09-28 11:29:44 by davidof

Dynafit Superlite 2 Binding

Recent developments in ski touring gear seem to have been going in the wrong direction. Heavier and more complex with the consequent problems in fragility so it is nice to see the Dynafit TLT Superlight 2 binding return to ski touring's roots but with some interesting improvements.

Now the Superlight 2.0 is really a ski competition binding but I don't see any reason ski tourers couldn't take advantage of its featherweight construction. It exists partially due to new regulations in ski mountaineering racing. It has a releasable heel which can be adjusted to suit different skier weights and styles, up to a claimed DIN 12.

It also features a brake which can also be removed fairly easily. Brakes are available in 3 widths. The largest size can accommodate 100mm+ skis. Brake or leash, or nothing at all? It is a debate but it is true that a ski brake will not stop a ski on a steep slope on hard snow, but then losing a ski on such a slope would be dangerous in itself. Leashes have their own dangers, especially in avalanches.

There is a sliding plate for the heel, which allows up to 20mm of adjustment. The ski crampon holder is aluminium but some plastic is used in the heel and toe. These parts have proved fragile on previous incarnations of Dynafit bindings. There are two heel positions and you can't climb or tour in an entirely flat position.

Cost is a little steep at around 500 €. Double that of the Dynafit Speed Turn but Dynafit claims 175 grammes per binding compared to 330 grammes for the Speed Turn (ex-brakes).