Posted on: 2015-02-21 14:53:30 by davidof

Snow kite touring col du Lauteret

Fancy getting away from it all ski touring but too posh to skin? Here's an alternative, snowkite touring. This 1000 meter climb / flight to the 3 Evéchés above the col du Lauteret normally takes a couple of hours but Laurent Hemard manages it in 15 minutes with his kite.

Leaving the Col du Lauteret the mild south to east wind is behind for the whole climb. The start is quite steep, the camera flattens the angles. The lighter the wind the more the flyer has to climb the slopes but watch out for avalanches! In this film Laurent wants to show what's possible with snowkites rather than show interesting stunts and manouveres. The wing weighs 2300 grammes and can be packed into a rucksack for the ski back down.

Edit / Laurent Hemard