Posted on: 2015-02-06 11:34:54 by MathieuN

Red card for imprudent ski instructors

A red card for a practise that I've seen on a number of times the last few days. Snow professionals (ski instructors) going off piste with their clients without any security gear.

Yes, without a rucksack. It seems difficult to me to carry a shovel and probe without one. I find it unacceptable given the risks today to behave like that. We all know the dangers represented by freeriding. Every day, or almost, skiers are losing their lives in avalanches in the Alps. Ski instructors are supposed to be setting an example and in front of everyone some lack professionalism. They are encouraging bad, very bad behaviour. A rucksack, a beacon, a shovel and a probe are not that costly compared to the salary of a fully qualified instructor, who are after all, the only ones qualified to go off piste. Do we have to remind ourselves of their hourly rate? I call on all ski school directors to sanction any of their staff with this shameful attitude. What is the world coming to?

Don't go off piste without a beacon, shovel, probe. Apparently some people still need reminding of this.