Posted on: 2015-02-05 19:33:27 by davidof

Season worker killed by avalanche at Val Thorens

The body of a 30 year old season worker has been found by pisteurs at Val Thorens buried at the bottom of avalanche debris. The 30 year old woman was reported missing when she failed to turn up for work on Wednesday morning. She'd last been seen by lift operators early on Tuesday morning. The avalanche risk was 3/5.

The victim, well known in the resort, was a keen snowboarder. The pisteurs were able to locate her approximate location in the Boismint sector using her lift pass. Equipped with an avalanche beacon which was switched off and in her pocket she was spotted by two pisteur due to a ski boot that visible on the surface of the debris. She was buried under 80cm of snow and the slide was around 20 meters wide.


Late Monday afternoon the four off piste skiers were caught by an avalanche at Châtel in the Sous le Val sector of the Linga ski area at 1900 meters. Carried for 300 meters one of the skiers was taken to hospital with a suspected fracture to the femur. All were equipped with beacons and airbags which they had not had time to actuate. The avalanche risk was 4/5.

A female ski tourer was buried by an avalanche at the Col de la Bathie above the ski resort of Arêches-Beaufort in the Beaufortain mountain range. The incident occured around 1700. Rescued by her friend thanks to her beacon she suffered head injuries. Evacuation was complicated by poor weather, the rescue helicopter was unable to approach the scene. A doctor only reached the victim after 18h00 and the group were finally evacuated by a piste basher from the ski resort in the early evening.

Two British snowboarders were caught by an avalanche at 16h00 in the Chanrossa sector of Courchvel. One was completely buried except for a gloved hand. His friend was able to find and dig him out thanks to this sign. He was suffering from hypothermia but had no other injuries. Neither had beacons or shovels.


There has been an avalanche on the Torrent du Rif blanc sector of the Col du Lauteret at 8am today. Two rescue helicopters were involved in the rescue due to the weather conditions. Three ski tourers were involved with a 29 year old non-local man suffering from serious back and arm injuries.