Posted on: 2015-01-19 09:38:49 by davidof

ChamLines New Series: Couloir Sud du Chardonnet

Despite a complicated start to the season in terms of snow conditions Aurélien Ducroz is back for a new season of Cham'lines discovering classic couloirs around Chamonix. Today he's on the Aiguille du Chardonnet with Seb Michaud and Stéphane Dan. Dan doubled for Pierce Brosnan in the ski scenes of The World is not Enough.

Note Jonathan "Doud's" Charlet who catches up with them and surfs the couloir with a go-pro on a pole with nothing more protecting his head than a woolly band to keep his ears warm. The Chardonnet is clearly visible from the Grands-Montets and fairly easy to access. However the decent was complicated by a goulotte in the center of the slope which meant the amigos had to ski on the steepter banks of the couloir. If you fancy having a go the slope is rated: 45° over 500 m. 5.1/E3.