Posted on: 2014-12-03 08:38:48 by davidof

On the summits of Iran

A documentary by Arte TV covering a ski touring expedition from the Turkish frontier to the gates of Afghanistan. Crossing the mountains of Iran on skis the team discover its people. In the first part we skis from Mont Ararat to the suburbs of Tehran

Made by a Swiss film maker and an Iranien climber and former maths professor as well as an Australian ski tourer the team traverse from the West to the East through the majestic volcanic mountains of the Islamic republic. The opportunities to meet the locals are both varied and numerous including nomads, carpet makers and a ski champion; the only female member of the ski team who carried the Iranian flag at teh Vancouver olympics in 2010. There is also a climber who was photographed without a veil in the Himalays at 8000 meters altitude.

Documentary in French.