Posted on: 2014-01-06 10:37:57 by davidof

Scottish Steep Skiing

Two ski instructors abandon the Alps to come home to Scotland for the best ski touring in years, seeking out challenging descents in the Cairngorms and on Ben Nevis. It didn't all go to plan. Dougie Mill was the second instructor but broke his leg on the first day! First shown at the 2010 Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival.

The first gully is the Diagonal Coulior on the Stag Rocks. The shot before Pinnacle Gully is the top of Castlegate not Pinnacle gully, we didn't have time to ski both but they are side by side. We skied both sides of Madubh but the one in the film is heading toward Taillers Burn (although not steep this is probably Scotland's best ski run!). Coire Garblach was actually filmed a different day from the Angel's Peak tour. After skiing Cairn Toul and Angel's Peak we skied one of the northern corries off Brieriach (this isn't in the film but is one of the other Scottish films).

Thanks to Simon Christy for the heads-up on this film