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Swiss skier seriously injured by Avoriaz avalanche

Two skiers have been caught by an avalanche while ski touring above the resort of Avoriaz which is currently closed. Carried for 200 meters by the slide one of the skiers, a Swiss national, was seriously injured in the accident.

The avalanche occurred around midday in the popular Pointe de Vorlaz sector at 2200 meters altitude. The skiers, aged in their 30s, were partially buried by the slide. An eyewitness alerted the rescue services and came to the aid of the stricken pair. The injured skier was taken by helicopter to hospital in Geneva.

Monday 3rd December
A skier escaped with little more than a lost ski after triggering a slide on the North face of the summit of the Petit Charnier above Allevard in the Belledonne mountains. The skier had just descended a couloir and exited into a funnel when he was taken by a small slide 150 meters down the mountain and over a small cliff. There were reports of strong "foehn" winds transporting snow and loading north faces from the pre-Alps to Val d'Isere. With the weak layer present on north faces skiers need to be careful even if the size of slabs is relatively small for the moment.

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Pointe de Vorlaz