Posted on: 2013-09-20 12:07:53 by davidof

Julien Lopez talks about getting caught in an avalanche

Sometimes avalanches catch up with even the fastest, strongest skiers. In this video La Plagne freerider Julien Lopez describes trying to outrun the slide, until he falls and is covered by the debris. He was very lucky after triggering a massive avalanche, as Julien comments “My number wasn't up today...”

"I got lucky, unlike too many of my friends. In the mountains having an Avalanche Transceiver, shovel, probe and airbag seems like the minimum. Have friends who are trained and who can try and rescue you within 15 minutes is a given. Inspite of all that the statistics are there, in 25% of cases, you will already be dead, squashed by the weight of the snow, a horrible experience, almost impossible to describe. I was lucky, very lucky, I don't wish anyone to go through what I did that day so ski intelligently, think of those closest to you, that's it."

Julien Lopez Avalanche