Posted on: 2013-05-13 22:36:10 by davidof

Two ski tourers killed by falls

Two ski-tourers have been killed in falls in separate incidents on Sunday. A reminder that with spring weather snow can be hard and icy and needs caution.

The first incident occured at 10h00 on the Dent Parrachée in the Vanoise (Savoie). The victim, a 37 year old woman, resident of the Hautes-Alpes but originally from Grenoble was with a guide and two friends when she slid 300 meters. The group were described as "experienced" by the rescue services.The accident occured at 2800 meters. The victim suffered head injuries. The rescue was difficult due to high winds, snow and low cloud which delayed the helicopter, dispatched from Modane.

In April three skiers, accompanied by a guide, were killed by an avalanche on the Dent Parrachée.

A second accident occured in the Ecrins range on the Glacier Blanc at around 2300 meters. A 36 year old Swiss man was killed after falling 25 meters over cliffs after having lost a ski due to a binding that pulled out.