Posted on: 2013-03-30 10:37:14 by davidof

On piste avalanche at les Arcs

A Russian skier has been seriously injured after an avalanche hit the open piste she was skiing on yesterday afternoon.

The avalanche occured late yesterday afternoon in the Col du Grand Renard at 2510 meters. The slide measured 50 meters wide and the debris was 150cm deep in places. It cut the Grand Renard piste burying a 41 year old Russian woman. 20 rescue workers found the victim after a probe search in a state of cardio vascular arrest after 30 minutes under the slide. They were able to revive the victim and she was taken to hospital in Grenoble in a critical condition. The avalanche risk was 3 (Considerable) at the time. Avalanche expert said it was a soft slab avalanche between 15 to 30cm deep.

Note: the skier died on Saturday.

Singletrack World is reporting a rare avalanche on Winnats pass in the Peak District, UK yesterday The slide measured about 30 meters wide and completely blocked the road.

Buxton weather is reporting that most roads are now clear but there are continued snow showers.

On Wednesday a 37 year old British Snowboarder was killed after falling into a crevasse on the glacier des Rognons in the Mont Blanc range. The accident occured at 14h00. The victim was a local resident.

Winnats Pass, English Peak District