Mountain Biking: Croix du Trousset singletrack - 541 m. (1,775 ft)

Mon, 25 May 2020


Minimum altitude: 264 meters

Distance: 9 km

Slope Aspect: North-East

Trip Reports

Vertical Climbed: 296 meters (971 feet)

Vertical Descended: 297 meters

Rating: 2


JG, Matt and I decided to do a short loop via the Chemin de la Pivolle and Croix du Trousset singletracks. The Pivolle is great climbing or descending. No real difficulties on the lower section, a bit rocky on the top half. The Trousset is a good link to either reach the Pierre Bertin trails or back down to Bernin. It features a couple of short climbs then flattens off with a big step followed by some gnarly rolling terrain (lots of tree routes) before a big descent back into Bernin with a small dry stone wall to ride over. All good tonight, not wet at all.


Relatively dry considering yesterday's rain, no problems with grip.


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