Nordic Skiing: Ice road skaters - 1,370 m. (4,495 ft)

Fri, 1 March 2019


Minimum altitude: 970 meters

Distance: 12 km

Slope Aspect: South-West

Vertical Climbed: 390 meters (1,280 feet)


Thib had warned me there was not much snow left but I had difficulty believing him as conditions had been good a few days ago. I skied from the ski lifts at 970 meters but the lifts were out of action due to the lack of snow. It was icy until I reached the woods then a mix of ice and snow until the climb to Emeindras at the start of the combe de Soleil. I guess the sun and very hot weather the previous day had melted the snow which had refrozen as ice. A couple of bare patches on the climb but overall it climbed pretty well without the sun and I set a new PR (36m30) to the col. Strangely the decent was slow overall with sticky snow.


Icy below 1050 meters (Combe de Soleil)


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