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Difficult start to South American winter
Posted: 06 June 2011 01:24 PM  
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None of the Chilean of Argentinian ski resorts has been able to open so far this season and now they are facing a new worry. The impressive explosion of Puyehue. When this Andean volcano last erupted it in 1960 it caused an earthquake and thousands of deaths. Ash is covering everything from El Hoyo and Punta Tombo (Chubut) to Puerto Lobos (Rio Negro). In additiona all flights over southern Argentina have been canceled visibility is very poor for other traffic.

Col. Cardenal Samoré between Chile and Argentina, the no.2 crossing point between the two countries is closed. The ashes are not toxic and do not cause health effects except for a respiratory difficulties and eye irritation. elderly and young are most susceptible to these problems.