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forget shaped carver - RAX Generation 2008
Posted: 23 January 2008 10:59 AM  
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we have learned from your criticism and incorporated it in new 2008 models.


- no back seat, no leaning back required to make fins carve and control
- front pair of fins was shifted forward to the heel, now bearing the skier’s weight directly
- muscles and ligaments of foot, shin and calf are no longer strained on hard pack snow,
the centered stance on short ski is the best remedy for shin bang
- one single model covers freeride and piste, soft snow and ice as well as a wide range of skills and speeds
- the binding has been mounted on the diagonal carrier, such improving the adjustability and accessibility
- the diagonal carrier is less steep (4 degrees instead of 8 to 16 degrees before)
- the Rax concept can now be applied to All Mountain and shaped skis

All these improvements base upon one single idea:
shifting the diagonal carrier forward by 25 to 40 cm and mounting the binding on it.
This idea emerged last October as an ultimate skiing gear for icy couloirs
and was quickly recognized as “the solution” for normal skiing.

The Rax Generation 2008 will expand into the realm of fat powder and shaped carver skis,
just adding the fin control and possibly a hydrofoil for surfing on powder snow.
We shall see their performance in powder or slalom competition.

Older Rax models remain excellent freeride skis for all soft snow arts, in trees and corned snow (Firn)
as well as in heavy snow and soft moguls.

[ Edited: 23 January 2008 11:22 PM by Tom from Austria]