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Avalanches of 18/19th March
Posted: 27 March 2011 12:06 PM  
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Olivier Cousin, member of the mountain rescue in Briançon has reviewed the avalanches of the 18/19th March that occurred in the area. (5 deaths, 3 injured, 2 saved by a miracle). His text is complemented by photos taken by Stefano Morino on the 19th. In the first series of photos we see the Eypiol, a nice slope that is considered by some as good choice when conditions are dangerous, well at least until last weekend.

In the second photo we see the Pic de Maloqueste, another “safe” ski tour. The avalanche is to the left of the normal route on the shallower slopes, but like my “Grand Rocher” post, who wouldn’t be tempted by the steeper bowl?

You can read a Google translation of the article here, something to think about. - automatic translation by Google

The original (French) article on BriaconEscalade.