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Dynafit Radical offers vendor lock-in?
Posted: 19 January 2011 02:14 PM  
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If you haven’t seen the Dynafit Radical Binding range video yet take a look

The heel riser system seems to have been lifted from the G3 Onxy but more of note is that Dynafit have moved to a four hole pattern for the toe piece (like other manufacturers), however they have patented the hole pattern. Apparently this is possible if the hole pattern can be claimed to offer some mechanical advantage. We’ll have to see which countries the patent applies for but are they trying to do a Shimano on us? If you’ve used Shimano bike parts you’ll remember they popularized indexed shifting, but you had to use the whole gruppo or this wouldn’t work. No more putting a Campag front mech coupled to a Shimano shifter.

Well it seems with Dynafit’s move to inserts across their ski range, at least on the toe piece (where the patent applies) you won’t be able to whack an ATK toe onto a Dynafit ski. We’ve already seen this to some extent with special fittings for climbing skins (although you can in fact use any old skin and make a heel loop out of a bit of rope with a knot in it).

If anyone has any thoughts let us know.