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Sapphic ski ads cause controversy
Posted: 05 December 2007 09:51 AM  
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We are not really sure what this is about. The Swiss Italian ski resort of Airolo has launched a publicity campaign this winter featuring two very attractive young women kissing.


Unfortunately the campaign doesn’t seem to have gone down too well with some people in the canton seem to be worried that their ski resort will become known as a gay paradise. According to the Marketing firm Ferrise Comunicazione the Italian speaking side of the Ticino region like the campaign and don’t have any problem with it. Apparently the message is that in the winter wonderland of Airolo visitors can explore the purity of their feelings. Pffftt whaddever.

Well this had nothing to do with backcountry skiing, as such, but it has certainly got people talking about Airolo (yes we had to look for it on the map too.).

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What’s it about? This is one of the most viewed yet least commented on posts here—that tells you all you need to know! grin