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For sale: Powder skis
Posted: 02 February 2010 06:06 PM  
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Hey all,

I’ve got two pairs of skis for sale. Prices don’t include shipping. Both pairs are located in Tignes. If you want pictures I’ll email them to you. I’m open to reasonable offers. Thanks for looking!

1. 186 Rossignol S6. Drilled once for a Rossignol FKS binding for a 305mm boot. These things are mint. The topsheets have a bit of wear and tear on them, but the bases are like new. They have a bit of tip rocker put in them for some more float in pow. These things are the best quiver of one ski. 375 Euroswithout bindings.

2. 185 Praxis Powder Board. Drilled twice. Once for a Salomon STH 14 for a 325mm boot, and once for a Rossignol FKS for a 305mm boot. Excellent condition. Nothing beats a handmade ski. These are THE best powder ski ever made. Nothing even comes close to how fun this ski is in soft snow. 475 Euros with a Rossignol 15 DIN binding or 400 Euros without bindings.