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Tracker DTS 2
Posted: 20 January 2010 06:38 PM  
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I have just received a DTS 2 to evaluate and show on an avalanche and rescue course.  First impressions are that it has been worth the wait and BCA have got it right in lots of ways.  Fast pulse rate, indicates multiple burials, good easy to view big red light, and nice chunky pull button to go to search mode. Auto revert and SP mode as the DTS 1.  My Mammut feels like my grans old B&W telly in comparison.  The speed of the processor is impressive. I will need to see what it’s like with old analog models with frequency drift, and sorting out a salad of closely grouped transceivers, but it sure looks as if this would now be top of my shopping list if I needed a replacement. I am not sure how available it is elsewhere yet though. Anyone else tried it yet>


Posted: 20 January 2010 09:58 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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I’m having trouble remembering when I first looked at the Tracker II, it must be a couple of years ago:-

Franz Kroell of Ortovox was complaining about the term “real time processing” recently saying that all modern beacons process in real time. I’d like to give a Tracker II a head to head with an S1 and Pulse to see how they stack up, although they are quite different beasts.