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8000 meter adventure skiing
Posted: 30 September 2007 08:09 PM  
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Joined  2003-10-24 has a wrap up of some of this year’s ski and snowboard descents of 8000 meter summits. After a hiatus this extreme side of adventure skiing is really taking off with a number of attempts in progress.


Fredrik Ericsson has made some first turns on Dhaulagiri prior to a summit push end this week

A Canadian/International team is on Manaslu attempting to ski from the summit in difficult conditions

Emilio Previtali is attempting to board Shisha Pangma, his second attempt on the summit and without oxygen.

French Dynafit sponsored skier Jean-Noël Urban is also currently on Dhaulagiri I. Urban failed on Nanga Parbat in July after becoming exhausted above 7000m.