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Sentier du Facteur
Posted: 24 May 2007 09:47 AM  
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The Sentier du Facteur (Postie’s Trail) was carved out of the cliff in the middle ages by farmers from the Abbaye des Ayes. It starts from the plateau by the L’Huis (door) which has become Luisset. The area is widely used by climbers due to the many fissures and cracks in the rock.


Parking at the Pont du Bernin carry along the route national to a raised section (gendarme couché), cross the road and follow the tracks that lead up to a reservoir then the Crapanoz bridge. Continue up the Chemin des Communaux which turns into a steep track. This joins the road that leads to the plateau des Petites Roches at la Fontaine. Climb the road through four hairpins and a long, but lit, tunnel. 1km after the tunnel take the footpath at les Meunière, this is steep and crossed the footbridge of la Gorgette before climbing and joining a track. Follow the cliffs around until a signpost to the Sentier du Facteur points to a track down to the right. This leads through a rock door - the Huis and then onto a very exposed and rocky track.


The Sentier du Facteur is close to the limit what is possible to descend on a mountain bike. The start is on a narrow and rocky path. Take care with pedals as these can catch rocks which may destabilize the rider. The cliffs are steep and a fall would have serious consequences. The first part of the track passed through the climber’s area, take care about climbers dislodging rocks or falling! After 3 hairpins it enters woods which are much less exposed. Around half distance it is possible to look at the waterfalls.


The hardest section occurs around two-thirds distance. The path is covered with small rocks, then becomes very steep with a series of rock steps. This section lasts about 200 meters. Afterwards the gradient is much friendlier. It rejoins the Crapanoz route by a large concrete water tank.


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