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Build your own carbon fibre ski boots
Posted: 25 October 2009 02:40 PM  
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Home made skis seem to be quite fashionable these days but surely ski boots is beyond even the skills of the gifted amateur. Gorka Galdos, one of the moderateurs of french language backcountry website Camp2Camp has given it a go.


He writes

Here are my new ski touring boots “home made in carbon”, an evolution of the boots I made last year


I fixed a number of problems with the old boots concerning the tongue, sole and the fact they were too narrow. The new boot is better but far from perfect. The upper is a single piece similar to the Scarpa F1 and very flexible. It avoids problems with last year’s boots and the XP500 where this section can descend too much. I’ve also reinforced the holes with rivets. There is a real rubber sole put on by a shoe maker. The tongue is also in carbon but without kevlar.

The shoes weigh 600gr, more than the 444g of the new XP444. I reckon I can save weight but need to test the design first to see where.

The boots were built around a mold made with insulting foam covered with scotch tape (this lets the mold be reused).

Posted: 06 January 2010 10:06 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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Wow, thats quite a build. Having a fairly good knowledge of carbon fibre, that is some engineering feat to do something like that. It might have cost an arm and a leg to produce but i reckon they are well worth it!