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Freeze goes Retro then Halloween and then retro again!
Posted: 23 October 2009 04:07 PM  
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The London Freeze will this year add to the fun by making the entire event fancy dress. We all know that dressing up turns an average party into a sick party, so for Freeze this turns an already sick party into a…. I don’t even know a word strong enough to do it justice. Anyway enough drivel…. Here’s whats going on.

Friday and Sunday are going to reward the best fancy dressers with LG product and not only that but their photos will be displayed over the entire site and you’ll be called onto the main stage to show off the kit and pick up your prize.

Saturday is, of course, Halloween so we need to mix it up a bit and it’s time for shredding zombies, radical Dracula’s and as much fake blood as humanly possible.
Once again LG will be providing prizes and you’ll be on the main stage if your outfit is the best..!

LG crew will be patrolling the site looking for the best dressed and you can also visit their lounge to submit yourself if you think you have what it takes.