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Mammut Rescyou
Posted: 05 December 2012 04:34 PM  
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A mini block and tackle from Mammut

looks like it may be easier to set up than a normal crevasse rescue.



The Mammut RescYou rescue device eliminates the need for complicated installations in the event of a crevasse rescue situation. The Mammut RescYou is an innovative rescue device designed for use in the event of a crevasse fall for either yourself or another member of your rope team. After breaking the crevasse fall, the rescue device is attached either to your own climbing harness (self-rescue) or to an anchor point (rescue of another person). After this, the two rope clamps are clipped to the rope and the compact six-fold pulley, which connects the two rope clamps, is operated by pulling the handle. This instant pulley system enables the climber who has fallen into the crevasse to be rescued as quickly and easily as possible. Even with the new device, you still need to follow some of the traditional crevasse rescue procedures such as stopping the fall, anchoring the rope, checking the victim, and preparing the crevasse lip. Where the rescue device will save you time is in not having to create an elaborate Z-pulley system by using a variety of gear such as prusiks, belay device, pulleys, and carabiners.

Weight 400g
Can be attached to harness for easy access
Rescue yourself or another climber/skier