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Coretti Skis, Spanish handmade skis
Posted: 29 November 2012 01:15 PM  
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More handmade skis, Coretty sent this message to me:-

This construction, with the proper orientation of the fibers allows a unique precision in turns with extraordinary agility and lightness.

Apart form the models of SLOPE and ALL-MOUNTAIN, we will offer CRUISING and RACE models. We are also getting ready an ultra-light ski construction system.

If you want something unique, personal, we can always custom them for you on request.

We can make them what you want, adjusting its dimensions, rotation, hardness and reactivity radios so your skis are really “yours”.
And we want the ski to last, and that it keeps its features along its lifetime.
For that we use elements with the best fatigue resistance and we repair the damages that can suffer due to the use.
We can repair damages in soles and edges, which would make other skis useless.

But we also want them to maintain beautiful and we offer a “renewal” service for the upper coat, so that you can have “new” skis each season.