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TR: Dome de Pravouta, Chartreuse, FR
Posted: 28 October 2012 06:32 PM  
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A short trip this afternoon to the 1750 meter summit of the Dome de Pravouta behind the house.

Possible to ski from 1200 meters. About 30cm of fresh snow but a lot of wind so there were accumulations of 50 to 100cm in places. Wind from West to North-West. Some slabs on SE faces close to the ridge but no fragile layer so not particularly worrying here.

IMG_20121028_145640.jpg height=601 width=800

IMG_20121028_145646.jpg height=601 width=800

Due to the wind the snow was much better in the trees

IMG_20121028_160942.jpg height=601 width=800

IMG_20121028_161508.jpg height=601 width=800
Very cold with the wind.

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